Exhibited Animatronic Animal Model

Indoor Animatronic Animal Show

Name: Indoor Animatronic Animal Show

Item No: BD-01


African Lion Model made for may times by our Animatronic Animal team. Its artificial fur suppliers exchnged for some is to give perfect fur feeling to the Animatronic Animal. 

Outdoor Animatronic Animal Exhibition

Name: Outdoor Animatronic Animal Exhibition

Item No: BD-02


9m long Animatronic Animal (Paracheratherium Model) placed in the pawn of theme garden at Perth. Manager of th garden order 15 Ice Age Animatronic Animal as exhibits of Christmas.

Animatronic Animal shows in the prehistoric museum

Name: Life Size Animal Model

Item No: BD-03


Italian client ordered the 2 Life Size Animatronic Animal as its prehistoric museum exhibits is to show evolution about prehistoric Europeans. The Animatronic Animal's eyes and teeth loaners to be finalize through days discussion.

Indoor Animatronic Animal from Ice Age Animal type

Name: Ice Age Animatronic Animal

Item No: BD-04


If you see Ice Age, surely know Mandy (cute mammoth). Our Ice Age Animatronic Animal is favor to children. Its fuzzy surface and powerful tusk look cute and strong. It is hottest sale Animatronic Animal to the market.

You will find Museum Quality Animatronic Animal here

Name: Museum Quality Animatronic Animal

Item No: BD-05


Ice Age Animatronic Animal exhibtion is always favoriate to all kinds of animal or natural museums. In Japan, the beautiful Animatronic Animal from us shows in the indoor museum. People can experience Ice Age in person.  

Animatronic Animal Elephant shows in ooutdoor

Name: Animatronic Animal Elephant

Item No: BD-06


In the theme garden of Philippines, the Animatronic Animal-elephant families exhibit outdoor is to gives natural knowledge for shcool children. Its meaningful education which started by local educational depart.

You will see Animatronic Animal  Smilodon

Name: Animatronic Animal Smilodon

Item No: BD-07


Ice age Smilodon has powerful body and roaring. But here Animatronic Animal Smilodon show cute and tender air is to protect its kids. (Little Smilodon Model) The Smilodon mather takes care of its babies. More info

Ice Age Animatronic Animal always be best exhibition

Name: Ice Age Animatronic Animal

Item No: BD-08


With artificial glacier, series of Ice Age Animatronic Animals show in the natural museum of Australia in the weekends. Beautiful Ice Age Simulation Animal Model came to the tropical continent for visiting museum tourists. More info 

Our Animatronic Animal show as Indoor Park exhibit

Name: Indoor Park Animatronic Animal

Item No: BD-09


Park Animatronic Animal is our experienced making. We surely could not recember how many Animatronic Animal Exhibits to be made for parks. The baby mastodon model had layout Carnote Natural Museum. More Info

Life Size Animatronic Animal made depend on Ice Age Animal type

Name: Life Size Animatronic Animal

Item No: BD-10


According to experience of over 10 years for making Life Size Animatronic Animal, we have formed one mature system of animatronics Life Size. The Ice Age Animal projects we have received for 6 times, and own absolute profession.

Giant Scorpion Animatronic shows in the restaurant

Name: Giant Scorpion Animatronic

Item No: BD-11


Our client need moving Animatronic Insect Scorpion and texture skin, and ask us to make the Scorpion as reference depend on Clash of the Titans. Thay want to shock customers of the restaurant, make people come to big insect world.

Life Size Animatronic Shark in the factory

Name: Animatronic Animal Shark

Item No: BD-12


one 5m long Animatronic Shark model completed in our making studio. Its mouth and tail parts can move through specific control box sensor. Scary teeth and black eyes all made by real condition seem like hunting sea monster.

Animatronic Rattlesnake

Name: Animatronic Rattlesnake

Item No: BD-13


The Animatronic Rattlesnake specially made for our Canadian client. The snake has 8m long and movements as head, neck and tongue. The animatronic attend local magic show. That is good frightening attractions.

Animatronic penguin

Name: Animatronic Penguin

Item No: BD-14


Museum Quality Animatronic Animal!!! We created the Animatronic Penguin Family as animal museum attractions. The 5 cute little guys welcome people in lifelike movements. The animatronic Penguin family exhibited ocean area.