Dinosaur Theme Fun Stuff

Dinosaur Ride

Dinosaur Egg

T-Rex Wall

Dinosaur Door

Our T-Rex Dinosaur Ride in the park
Animatronic Dinosaur Egg is our cute exhibit
Animatronic T-Rex Wall as welcoming exhhibit
Handmade Dinosaur Door made by our artist

Ride on the back of a Animatronic Dinosaur T-Rex or Triceratops! Hop in the saddle on top of  Dinosaur Ride as brave warrior. Dinosaur show scary movements with alive roaring sound , which can be kids' amazing experience during their weekend!

When visitor approach Animatronic Dinosaur Egg, eggshell break automatically and the inside dino baby come out with realistic movements and roaring. 

T-Rex head in the wall as entertainment. Visitors enter Dino Theme Exhibition, they will see this T-Rex head roaring, which creates scary feeling. Once visitors pass by, T-Rex starts to move and roar!

T-Rex Mouth is also popular as entrance. Visitors enter jursssic theme exhibition through T-Rex mouth that seem like being ate by realistic dinosaur. Visitors can take photo together with this excellent Dinosaur Exhibit

Dino Head Landscape

Mini Dinosaur

Dinosaur Fossil Replica

Dino Dig

Fiberglass Dino Head Landscape exhibits Poland jurassic park
Mini Dinosaur Model for children play
Dinosaur Fossil Replica transported to sscience &
Dinosaur Dig Site makes kids to be biologists

Fiberglass Dinosaur Head can be displayed in outdoor playground as landscape exhibit, to decorate the dinosaur exhibition. Children could go inside taking photos! 

Mini Dinosaur Model, such as dino baby are loved by kids because their cute appearance and interesting. These mini dinos have interaction with kids that uses control board to operate dino baby's movements and roaring 

We not only make Animatronic Dinosaur, but also Dinosaur Fossil Replica. Our fiberglass dinosaur skeleton is same like real depend on much science files and its excellent exhibit in the museum  

An interesting way to experience our Dinosaur Digging Site is to be a Jr. Paleontologist. Kids can brush away sand, finding dinosaur skeletons below. 

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