We Provide Professional Animatronic Animal Service

Animatronic Animal Installation Service

Installation Service for Animatronic Dinosaur

Once our Animatronic Dinosaur  or animal over 11.8m long (biggest container szie), we have to dismantle their tail, legs and head etc. so they can be packed into container for shippment.


(1). Dismantle oversized dinosaurs and pack them with air bubble film.


(2). Use 13m or 17m long truck to transport the Huge Animatronic Dinosaur or Animal to port for shippment.


(3). When they arrive client's side, we offer installation service and system trainning about Animatronic Animal.

Animatronic Design

Sometimes, our clients have no idea how to start such a Dinosaur project, but plan to start. We will offer some support, such as deisgn, and any necessary suggestions..... With our help, we can have a successful Animatronic Dinosaur Business Show, to benefit together!


Animatronic Dinosaur Site Layout is one whole idea of our client's dino exhibition

Artificial Plant for Decorating Animatronic Dinosaur

Artificial Plant for Decorationg Animatronic Dinosaur

(1) If the exhibition need artificial plants to decorate Animatronic Dinosaur or Animatronic Animal. We could recommend suitable artificial plants for our client.

(2) Place the artificial trees or grass in the exhibition according to design. 


Animatronic Dinosaur Toy

(1) When our client making their Theme Dinosaur Exhibition, after many children play Exhibiting Animatronic Dinosaur, want some memorial gift. Dinosaur toys will be a good option!

(2) Offering different catalog dino puzzle.

Animatronic Dinosaur Toy is our supported service