Animatronic Dinosaur Diplodocus at Oxford Street

Animatronic Dinosaur


We will take you back to the miraculous jurassic period with our Lifelike Animatronic Dinosaur, with its vivid smooth movements and scary roaring sound. Come to expenrice the mysterious age of dinosaur world.


The Robotic Dinosaur with soft skin and vivid realistic appearance, which make people realize Dinosaurs back again. 


Every city should have it's own Jurassic Park, animatronic dinosaurs is a good option to be part of them as 2013 New attraction !

Animatronic Animal


If you watch enough the Animal World on TV, might as well touch our Real Size Animatornic Animal with smooth movement and alive roaring sound. Whatever present animal or prehistoric animal, we produce them according to proportional data from real one. Function is the same as our Animatronic Dinosaur, placed in museum, zoo or park etc.


We use artificial fur on the Animal Model's surface skin to make them realistic. Making visitors experience Animals Great Migration without going to Africa.


Simulation Animal Model is Animatronic Animal Exhibit

Fiberglass Dinosaur and Fiberglass Animal is traditional living creature sculpture

Fiberglass Dinosaur and Fiberglass Animal


Traditional Customized Fiberglass Animal Replica start long time in China and Europe. If our client don't need Animatronic Animal, traditional Fiberglass Dinosaur and Animal is good choice for any amusement park as new attraction. Static Animal Model also own high simulation skin!

Myth Animatronic Animal


Except present and prehistoric Animal Model, we also build faity tale and mythic creatures according to client's different requirement, such as the huge Animatronic Dragon. In addition, we can enhance its entertainment and mysterious sense that set one smoke device (environmental protection) inside animal. When animal is operated by sensor, inside smoke will be excreted out from its mouth.

Myth Animatronic Animal is our customized model

Custom Fiberglass Landscape for decorations

Custom Fiberglass Landscape


During the past years, we realized that many clients are eager for new and interesting landscape such as jurassic volcano, prehistoric geology and big Dinosaur Eggshell etc. And we could provide customized fiberglass landscape for decoration. These landscapes are as unique role for ornament and photograph. 

Usage of Animatronics