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About Animatronic Dinosaur Factory and Production Team

We are well known for our Animatronic Dinosaur and Animatronic Animal all around world. MEGA DINO has created more than 500 units Robotic Dinosaurs and animals worldwide every year. We offer wide range of service for our customers, including quality animatronic products and effective & fast shippment (Ship and Air). 


If you do not need moving Animatronic Dinosaur, we are also specialized in creating exhibits of Customized Fiberglass Dinosaur and Fiberglass Animal. For example, we make fairy tales creatures, cartoon figures according to your request. These model can be made into animatronic or Static Animal etc.


Work with MEGA DINO, we offer best quality products and service!!! 

Professional Animaltronic Dinosaur Factory and Production Team

Dismantle Animatronic Dinosaur
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How We Make Animatronic Dinosaur

How We Make Animatronic Dinosaur

(1). Discuss with our customer, and deciding Animatronic Dinosaur type and plan.


(2). Drawing the Animatronic Animal making size and inside running draft


(3). Handing over to mechanical staff to make inside mechanical frame of Animatronic Dinosaur etc.


(4). Gluing the high density sponge on Animatronic Dinosaur metal frame is ready to sculpture.


(5). Artist sculpture whole Animatronic Dinosaur type


(6). Experienced staff handle Animatronic Dinosaur skin texture according to rehistoric animal epidermis


(7). Put the CE certificated silicone on Animatronic Dinosaur spnoge skin with mixed gasoline.


(8). Artist color its Animatronic Dinosaur or other Animal model to be finished.