Customized Two Dinosaur Suits

VelociRaptor Suit on Sale

In 1st June 2015, we tested two Dinosaur Suits as Tyrannosaurus Rex and VelociRaptor! Today, it is International Children's Day! Many kids went out of schools and enjoy their holiday.

In the holiday, seeing DINOSAURS was good choice. We prepared to trnasport the suits to Dinosaur Museum, Zigong and performers put on suits to please the children.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Suit on Sale

We sent two professional performers to work our suits. (We wanted to create one Battle Scene between Tyrannosaurus Rex and VelociRaptor. That attracted the children.)

Staffs of the museum set one 500 square meters area as performed stage of two dinosaurs. Two dinosaurs would have an excellent show to the thousands children.

Customized Dinosaur Suits

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    Mypotgames (Friday, 05 June 2015 15:31)

    Wow! That cool man.....