Leisurely Tyrannosaurus Rex

Leisurely Tyrannosaurus Rex

In 21th April 2015, we welcome one sunny morning and take our Tyrannosaurus Rex Pet out for stroll. Look! The pet walk slowly and enjoy warm sunshine. 

The Tyrannosaurus Rex Pet cherish these days which staying with us. One week later, it will be shipped to Rio de Janeiro. Enthusiastic Brazilians take over their cute pet with passion.

Walking Dinosaur Product

After we take video, send to our Chilean, Bolivian and Argentine potential buyers. They also have interest to our Walking Dinosaur Product and inquiry its details for days.

We would like to make more Dinosaur Pets home in South America. Our surprised pets also take Chinese-Style Friendship into the public from South America.

Hot-Sale Dinosaur Pet

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    Mypotgames (Friday, 05 June 2015 15:32)

    This is my favorite TRex.....