Mini Dino Egg Product

Customized Dinosaur Egg

We have to say that Dinosaur Egg is available of popularity of kids. Basically, visitors go inside the egg shell for taken photo in Dinosaur Exhibition.

Mini Dinosaur Egg Product is customized as its height and length. Customized egg shell can be display on site where is specially set by exhibition designer.

Dinosaur Egg Product

Dino Egg Specification:

(1). Dimensions: 1.2 meters high and 0.8 meters wide. (regular size making)

(2). Making Materials: Inside well-treated steel & motors and outside silicone & fiberglass

(3). Power: 220/110vac, 50/60hz (Standard Current for Any Country)

(4). Movements: Head Left to Right, Body Up and Down, Mouth Open and Close. (Middle Baby T-Rex) 

(5). Sound: Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex Alive Roaring Sound 

Playing Dinosaur Egg

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