T-Rex Head as Decoration for CHINA POST

T-Rex Head Decorations

On sunday(2014.12.14), I and my friends went to Dinosaur Museum of Zigong. Because of good sunshine, we decided to have fun trip at suburb. Dinosaur Museum was our first trip tour site and I also took some photos about our new project.

Recently, we made one 1.2 meters long Fiberglass T-Rex Head for CHINA POST, Museum. As new decoration of museum, head was display on outdoor to be visible for visitors.

Fiberglass T-Rex Head

Basically, we should not make single Dinosaur Decoration in our projects. Because of friendship of curator of the museum, we made an exception for building one T-Rex Head Style Decoration.

We also gave one friend price to curator. (Basically, we had no any profit to this project) CHINA POST's staff also be excited to the Dinosaur Head.

Dinosaur Head Decorations

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