Hard Transported Work for Dinosaur Products

Packing Dinosaur Products

In 5th Novermber 2014, our all staffs got in hurry works that Dinosaur Products Delivery. At that time, we had over 90 pieces of item to be load on truck. That was big project. We had three big dinosaur models as 12 meters long T-Rex, brachiosaurus and Omeisaurus.

We call five 9 meters long transfer-trucks to factory for transfering the items. Then, we reload the items on two 17 meters long truck.

Transported Dinosaur Work

Bascially, we cost 3 hours to do work that transfer-delivery and cost one hour to reload on the truck. At 4:30 colock afternoon, all staffs finished hard transported work. Three days, our dinosaur products would be arrived to Shenzhen Port safely.

Dinosaur Products Delivery

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