Finished Dinosaur Products for Waiting Checking

We customize 16 different Animatronic Dinosaurs for our British client. The 16 moving dinosaur replicas belong to second order from client. In first order, our client orders 24 different dinosaur replicas with lifelike roaring sound and movements.

Today night(2014/10/21), our client will take plane to our city for tomorrow checking products. We have finished 16 dinosaur products before 3 days, and be confident for checking

Moving Dinosaur Replicas

In this ordered dinosaurs, two Largest Animatronic Dinosaurs draw people's attention. They respectively are 22 meters long Animatronic Mamenchisaurus and 30 meters long Animatronic Argentinosaurus.

Two huge guys once shown in local theme park, and must shock the public. Yesterday(2014/10/20), we test two huge guys. Two dinosaurs are available of well mechanical running. Our good quality products are waiting for today checking from client.

Huge Animatronic Dinosaurs

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