Finished Carnotaurus Style Puppet

Life Size Carnotaurus Head Model for Sale

Last week, we were making Walking Carnotaurus Puppet. For now, our finished carnotaurus costume come out and be packed for depart. When our Japanese customer saw Amused Dinosaur Puppet's video, he was so exciting and predict that the Walking Dinosaur must bring shock to the local people

Carnotaurus style puppet is new type. In past, we never make the type like that. Our customer will show it on local best Business Street. Without any doubt, the show will cause a sensation

Walking Carnotaurus Costume for Sale

Same Standard of Making Walking Dinosaur Costume:


Walking Carnotaurus Costume:

Size: 4 meters length. Height is available of 1.6 to 2 meters high performer.

Control: Performer wear puppet and hand control like driving bike.

Accessories: Flight Case for transportation, Charger, Performer Pants, Show Shelf......

Type: New Carnotaurus Type. We can customize any type.

Production Time: within 25 days.

Price: depend on product quantity.

Amused Carnotaurus Puppet for Sale

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