Customized 20 Dinosaur Models

Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex

In 25st July, we have finished all 20 Customized Dinosaur Models. The models made for our British client and deliver the models to departure port(Shenzhen) before 5st August. Two largest dinosaur models respectively are 15 meters long Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex and 25 meters long Animatronic Apatosaurus.

We plan to use 4 containers to pack them.(Through our detailed calculation, 4 containers is absolute capacity for them without any difficulty) We try our best to use 3 containers to achieve packing goal under the condition of using enough space and having no any damage. We try our best to help our clients to save delivery cost.

Customized Dinosaur Model

In 29st July, our British clients came to our factory to check the 20 models. Through one day's checking, they were content to our handwork and animatronic running. We decided to pack them immediately and contacted our frowarder stand by.

In second day, our staffs began to dismantle two largest dinosaur models and wrap them in air bubble film. One morning went by, all packing work was ready. Waiting for delivery! Well done!

Customized Robotic Dinosaur Model

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