Custom Design Triceratops Model

Animatronic Triceratops

Our Italian exhibited three Custom Design Dinosaur Models in Milano. Three models are respectively 12 meters long Animatronic T-Rex, 10 meters long Animatronic Triceratops and 20 meters long Animatronic Apatosaurus! The dinosaurs suddenly became most shining stars in Fashion City and draw countless people's attention & screams!

Custom Design Triceratops Replica

Custom Design Triceratops Model is top NO.2 as our hot sales. People love the fat guy with slow step and heavy head. Its horns looked like sharp spear that is fear-based to the other predators (mainly T-Rex)

You will see how we make 10 meters long Triceratops Replica. We can make Triceratops Model according to client's requirement!

Custom Design Triceratops Model

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