Custom Animatronic Paraceratherium

Life Size Paraceratherium Model

Recently, we made 17 Ice Age Animal Models for our Colombian client. Three animal models are the most popular as Mammoth, Gigantopithecus and Paraceratherium. Three hottest models always be clients' sales orders.

We specially promote Animatronic Paraceratherium to the interested buyers. This is 9 meters long and 5 meters high Animatronic Paraceratherium. It stands on our factory like a huge horse. Powerful!!

Animatronic Paraceratherium

The life size Paraceratherium model is available of movements as eyes blinking, mouth open and close, head left to right, neck up and down, stomach breathing and tail swaying.


Custom Design Paraceratherium Replica

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