Manufacturing Area Problem for More and More Dinosaur Orders

Making Site for Hot Dinosaur Products

Through more and more Dinosaur Products Orders, our manufacturing area is not enough to be used. For now, our factory's manufacturing duty is arranged to November 2014. But, hot dinosaur animatronics is still popular from our potential buyers.

Renting second manufacturing site is necessary. We must have more area to make more dinosaur products. We have discussed with one owner of samll workshop and decided to rent his workshop with 2000 square meters. In the workshop, we will have over 60 units of hot dinosaur product to be made.

Producing Best Quality Dinosaur Products

Note: we still have other orders to be negotiated. Once we receive order from client, and must go to work at new manufacturing site. Clients who visited our factory, may confuse whether we transfer order to other manufacturers. Herein, we claim that it is not transfered order, only is manufacturing at new site.

In China, we are confident that are the most professional making team. No other manufacturers are professional than us. Best Quality Dinosaur Products, only US.

Dinosaur Production Site

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