Ice Age Theme Products

Ice Age Theme Products

Yesterday(26th May 2014), we sent 17 units of Ice Age Theme Products to Shenzhen port. The 17 units of animal model would be deliver to Columbia and exhibited on September. We believe that ice age animal models would give much entertainment to local people.

Through the business, we found that ice age theme product is still potential in South America. If we promote more ice age animal products to South America, must open rising market about ice age animatronics.

Ice Age Animal Models

Herein, we would like to promote our more ice age theme products as Mammoth Head Door, Smilodon Ride, Glyptodont Ride,  Ice Age Animal Bones Wall...... The interactive products could bring more interest to kids.

Normally, we make 25 to 30 different ice age animals. We would like to make more different animals in Ice Age. If you like our ice age theme products or animatronics, could contact us at any time.

Ice Age Theme Animatronics

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