Amused Dinosaur Products for Sale

T-Rex Head Entrance for Sale

Except for Animatronic Productions, fiberglass-made dinosaur product always be sold. Clients order our fiberglass dinosaur products for decoration. The product is amused with players. Lots of kids will interact with our amused dinosaur products.

Hot-sale Amused Dinosaur Products as T-Rex Head Entrance, Dinosaur Style Bench, T-Rex Head Chair, Dino Cart......  The items are available of decorations in parks, museums. business malls etc.

Fiberglass-Made Dinosaur Item for Sale

In May 2014, we have promotion for the dinosaur style products. We would like to offer 5% discount for the amused dinosaur decorations. If you order the products within May, we offer discount price. The promotion period is only limited in May.

If you order over 5 amused dinosaur decorations, have more discount. The matter is promoted to our Animatronic Productions, which ordering over 10 animatronics and having one fiberglass-made dinosaur items for free.

Amused Dinosaur Decorations for Sale

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