Hot Season of Dinosaur Exhibition

Life Size Dinosaur Exhibits on sale

May is coming soon! In China, we have holiday of seven days on May of year. At then, many people will be out of home for tourist sites. With hot holiday, many businessmen are eager to create much business opportunities. Our Life Size Dinosaur Exhibits is excellent showing item.

Fresh or old clients have contacted us for renting business of dinosaur model. At present, we have 26 life size dinosaur models as T-Rex, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, VelociRaptors in the factory for rent. Who pay first and who choose first!

Stock Dinosaur Exhibits

Our dinosaur exhibits quantity always be not enough to supply hot holiday market. Clients complain that our dinosaur is so less. In fact, we want to produce more different dinosaurs as stock, but many clients choose our stock dinosaur exhibits. Once we produce more dinsoaur models, and be purchased quickly.

On October, we plan to produce more 12 animatronic dinosaurs as stock. The dinosaurs only for rent business and not for sale.

Life Size Dinosaur Model on Sale

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