Necessity of Installation to Large Animatronics Project

Installing Animatronics Project

In order to offer good installation, we always send 4 to 5 project staffs to installing site depend on animatronics quantity. (Basically 4 staffs are available of below 5 Large Animatronic Dinosaur or animal)  They form one team for installation.

Electrician, Mechanician, Artist and Interpreter are necessary for one installation. They have respective duty to doing good installation. Dismantle dinosaur or animal's legs, neck and tail will be united and be finished dinosaur or animal attraction.

Large Animatronic Dinosaur on Sale

Some clients do not understand why we send 4 or 5 staffs to site for installation. They think that our staff only do instrucation. Two persons is ok and rest is waste. In fact, they totally do not know how they work.

Electrician: checking inside power running and movements program in our Control Box

Mechanician: doing fixing work about mechanical frame

Artist: Painting work to restore dinosaur or animal skin color

Interpreter: good communication each other

More animatronics quantity need additional 1 or 2 staff to administer installing animatronics project.

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