Installing Dinosaur Project on April, Indonesia

Custom Dinosaur Product

In March, we delivery 9 units of Animatronic Dinosaur to Indonesia. According to client's demand, we send our installing team to exhibiting site for installation. That means we will go to Indonesia for our installing duty.

The schedule will be administered on 10th April. There are 5 staffs will be sent to there. Herein, we want to state that possibly former clients in Indonesia can meet us to discuss with more dinosaur business.

Dinosaur Business

If possible, our clients could come to our installing site to check how we work. Our engineer can teach more details how to maintain animatronic dinosaur. As users of our dinosaur product, could gain much.

We will stay on five days in Indonesia. At that time, we would like receive any inquiry from local clients or interested buyers. We must use our profession to prove that our dinosaur product's potential.

Dinosaur Product Business

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