Ice Age Giants Model is Ready to Work

Ice Age Giants' Metal Frame

Our Colombian client has discussed Ice Age Gaints project with us for half year. He has one thoughtful plan how to show Ice Age Giants Model with sound and movements in South America. Within half year, he also discuss lots details how to operate Ice Age Exhibition with us.

We have done all details! Manufacturing work is ready to go! Whole Ice Age Project will be administered on March 2014.  At then, we have 35 units of ice age animal model to be made.   

Ice Age Project

Because the animatronic animals belong to large animl model, client ask us to add wheel under the animal's base. So, client's labors will be easy to carry them to exhibiting site. (That is better for tour exhibition)

Client will pay 50% in 27th Feb 2014 and we will ask our production team to work at that time. Each week, we will show manufacturing progress of ice age animatronics to our client.

Giant Mammoth, Mastodon, Megatherium will be produced in our factory. Coming Soo!


Large Animatronic Animal

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