Air Case for Packing Walking Dinosaur Suit

Walking Dinosaur Suit

As known as the public, Walking Dinosaur Suit always be popular in our sales. The suit makes the dinosaur alive to give visual impact for the public. Since the product is made out, we also found the minor problem in the transportation.

The animatronic dinosaur suit without base is easy to shaking in the transportation so that easily scratch. Packing box is must for its transportation. Normally, wooden box made by us, which is available for packing. 

Packing Animatronic Dinosaur Costume

Surely, we have higher packing service for our client. AIR CASE for walking dinosaur costume. The case specially made for magic props, which is well-knit and durable. Wheels under the base, which is easy to carry.

Normally, we also equip Air Case for our clients who buy our animated dinosaur outfit. (Basically, air case cost $500, which is calculated in the suit fee) 

Air Case for Packing Dinosaur Outfit

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