Promote Groups of Animatronic Dinosaur


Recently, I handle the pictures about the groups of Animatronic Dinosaur. For example, Tyrannosaurus Rex Family, Spinosaurus Hunting, Triceratops Family, Allosaurus Eating...... These dinosaurs are classified into DINOSAUR STYLE SCENE and show more dense atmosphere of DINOSAUR PERIOD. 

It is different from single animatronic dinosaur, that groups at least have 2 to 3 units of dinosaur model or decorated items as tree, rock...... The groups is more attractive than single dinosaur item.

Groups of Animatronic Dinosaur

At present, I have handled 57 units of DINOSAUR STYLE SCENE as promotion. (Buyers who interest the scenes, contact us at any time. WE will offer best price for you) Client could choose scenes they like. These scenes' manufacturing cost normally is higher than single item.

Before ending of our Spring Festival(30th January 2014), we could offer 5% to 7% discount of DINOSAUR STYLE SCENE products. Without any hesitation, contact us to get more interested animatronic dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Style Animatronic

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