Waterproof Animatronic Animal-Available Outdoor Exhibition

Waterproof Animatronic Animal

Because we need to glue artificial fur on Animatronic Animal, many pre-buyers have doubt that whether rain or snow possibly cause bad effect for outdoor exhibition. Fur materials easily cause knot after heavy rain, which possibly make lifelike animal replica look ugly.

Herein, we want to present that rain or snow do not cause bad effect at all. Our fur supplier use special processing fur which is waterproof and snowproof. After heavy rain or snow, the fur recover fresh again. The fur keep our lifelike animal replica vivid and good look.


Lifelike Animal Replica on Sale

Because of our waterproof animatronic animal, outdoor exhibition is available. In outdoor, exhibition operator just prepare power cables and sockets and make our animal models alive. Therefore, many pre-buyers ask again how they cover their electrics accessories. 

Before we send our animal products out, equip fiberglass cover for free (type like rock). Client can use the cover to cover up all electrics accessories. Even in heavy rain, water is also kept away from the accessoies.

We promise that give absolute safety tips and equipment for our clients who want to hold animal theme exhibition in outdoor.

Theme Animal Exhibition in Outdoor

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