Big Potential for Our Dinosaur Style Products

Dinosaur Style Products for Sale

In 2010, we joined Conton Fair for first time and show our creative dinosaur style products-Life Size Animatronic Dinosaurs. The products call film prop early, and be famous by Jurassic Park Movie and hard to be sold because of high making cost. When buyers who ran dinosaur parks or events saw terrible cost, had to stop their buying thoughts. So sorry to the markets at then.

Dinosaur products made in China were show on Conton Fair that attracted many buyers' attention. The animatronic products are also available of simple realistic movements and sound, and cost cheaper competed with European & American manufacturing cost. The animatronic dinosaurs made in China became hot inquiries by potential buyers on Conton Fair. At first day of Conton Fair, our products were orderd by one Canadian client. Over 30 interested buyers email us and had business communication each other.

Promote Animatronic Products

In next three years, we succesively joined trade shows home and abroad. Whatever were we are, our dinosaur style products were so attractive to interested buyers around the world. Almost we could sell out all samples in first day of the show, and business with at least 5 to 7 buyers. After the buyers became our client, most of them also became our distributors.

The distributors would promote our animatronic products to local market. The good benefit cycle made our product have bigger market potential. We not only got increasing sales, but also our clients got good commission. That was Win-Win......    


Dinosaur Products Made in China

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