Developing Improvement for Appearance of Animatronic Animal

Hot Sale Animatronic Animal

In 1994, Yang Jian who was our senior sculptor and art designer, sculptured one first Animatronic Tiger's appearance. That was also first animal handcraft in Animatronic Industry of Zigong. The tiger has huge eyes and nose that looked like a variant dog. Its skin's color was handle by artificial painting. Its teeth was made of sponge with silicone brushing. In a word, the Animatronic Animal looked so ugly.

Although the custom animal handcraft is not attractive, the tiger handcraft marked initial creation for Animatronic Animal Manufacture in Zigong. At that time, our company started great business achievement of animatronics sales! The most realistic look of animal handcraft is attractive to buyers of custom animal handcraft   

Custom Animal Handcraft

In closely 10 years, we continually improve our sculpting level of the sculptors and making technology. For now, hot sale animal handcrafts as elephant, tiger, lion, leopard, orangutan......all can be created by our sculptors that save much making time for us and clients. 

Our top senior sculptor only cost 2 days to finish one life size tiger's appearance and keep its the most realistic look. Our animated animal models' appearance make people confused to real animal that seemingly real jungle animals are on people's side! 

Animatronic Animal Maker

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