Creative Design for Animatronic Dinosaur

Creative Design Animatronic Dinosaur

What is creative design? The design service is available to our clients who have special demand for Animatronic Dinosaur or Animal's manufacturing. At specific site or occasion, dinosaur props which amuse visitors or customers what our clients want. Through amusement from interactive dinosaur prop, visitors or customers will come back for pay.

Special sites or occasions as Rainforest Cafe, Dinosaur-Theme Restaurant or Theme Supermarket etc. Many directors of these stores often buy some creative exhibits to attract customers. Our Creative Design Animatronic Dinosaur is their right choice at right place. 


Interactive Dinosaur Attraction

Animatronic Dilophosaurus with Spitting Water:

The interested dinosaur attraction was once customized for Czechic, Russian, Venezuelan, Indian clients. Basically, they placed the attraction at Dinosaur Theme Restaurant. Except for lifelike movements and sound, Spitting Water is new amused function. While people approached it, Dilophosaurus spits water like dolphins in the water.

Animatronic Eoraptor with Spitting Smoke:

The dinosaur's function basically is same with above animatronic dilophosaurus. Spitting water exchange for smoke(Stage Smoke, environment protection). The interactive dinosaur attraction is better to create mysterious atmosphere.

Interactive Dinosaur Prop

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