Amusement Dinosaur Decorations from China

Amusement Dinosaur Decorations from China

What's the most popular decorations for amusement or theme park? All businessmen of parks in China will answer that going to Zigong, China and finding Animatronic Dinosaur Suppliers. The suppliers would offer creative dinosaur decorations for your park. Decorated dinosaur theme item is one featured industry in Zigong. Professional manufacturer can wholesale dinosaur decorations for one dinopark project.

Animatronic Manufacturer who owns much experience, can make over 200 units of dinosaur-style equipment or exhibit within three months. The production capacity is enough to support one dinopark's decorations.  

Wholesale Dinosaur Exhibits

Why we have production capacity like so:

(1). Collecting the most excellent machinists, electricians and sculptors for dinosaur equipment's manufacture in Zigong

(2). Over 20 years' experience to form one mature production line

(3). Reasonable division of labors to have high-efficiency for production


DINO WALK's founders are earliest workers to industry. Each shareholder owns over 10 years's working experience and organize creating team to make Amusement Dinosaur Decorations with quality. Where to buy best dinosaur decorations? The answer is DINO WALK.


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