CE Certification for Animatronic Animal

Export Animatronic Animal

Before 2011, when we exported Animatronic Animal, always met same problem that the goods delay in imported port. Especially in European some countries, the customs had one series of strict inspecting procedure to cargo with battery or electric. The customs' insepction cost possibly 3 to 10 days, even more one month base on cargo's inspecting rating.

The customs' deeds made us headache. Our clients once finalize order and be badly in need of products for exhibiting site's layout. Cargo delay lead to complaint from clients to us. We try our best to console and coordinate loacl customs to solve problem. Because of the accidental matter, we determine to let our animal handcraft examine CE Certification for convenience of export. 


Export Animatronic Cargo

In 2011, we invited Morgarn Lab which one famous company in Britain for handling various certifications, to administer our Product's Certificated Procedure. In that time, inspector from certification authority verified carefully our animatronic handcraft's manufacturing procedure, using material and mechanical tools in-process etc., and came to visit our factory for viewing making process in person at last inpsection.

Finally, we got CE certification for our animatronic animal through Morgarn Lab's help and inspection from certification authority. With the certification, our animatronic cargos are straightway to Europe and North America.   

CE Certification for Animatronics

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