Animatronic Trade Why Popular in China

Animatronic Company in China

Each year, Animatronic Companies in China export over 1000 life-size dinosaur and animal exhibits to worldwide. Total export fee is over 20 millions dollars. The big profit is made by industrious Zigong people. In Zigong China, closely ten thousands of persons work on animatronic manufacturing industry, and best sculptors and electric engineers are powerful technology-support.

Over ten professional animatronic companies who produce 60 units of animated dinosaur model per month. Seven professional monster factories which occupies over 4000m². Closely 100 sculptors and electric engineers.  

Animated Dinosaur Model Trade

In Zigong, training the most professional export trader for animatronic dinosaur or animal. They can solve client's doubt that manufacturing procedure, manufacturing materials and specifications of dinosaur model etc. In order to gain market, they also try their best to offer discount for clients.

Because of production speed, animatronic trade in Zigong tops the world. Within short period, the companies in Zigong could offer lots of animated dinosaurs for one dinopark project and send professional staffs for installing and training service in exhibiting site. 

Animatronic Manufacturing Industry

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