Motorized Animatronic Animal Outfit

Motorized Animatronic Animal

In recent days, we exchange domestic motor to imported motor for making Animatronic Animal Exhibits. New imported motors come from Gremany and USA. The motor is capacity of 150turns/min and 350W. The most output power is 1000W. With the powerful motor, our animatronic model can lengthen using life and be reduced breakdown under the condition of running.

To animal handcraft manufacturing field in China, Motorized Animatronic Aimal's technology has be developed to mature phase. Basically, engineer designs one CPU control box to operate totally one or more animatronics. Through change of Physical Response Command, engineer also designs remote or sound control mode for animatronic.   

Electric-Control Animal Handcraft

Another animatronic animal outfits is Automatic Sensor. The sensor makes response and output running command to electric-control animal handcraft when people give physical action opposite the sensor. At the same time, the animal works like a lifelike creature. It roars, blinks, wags...... 

Through years development to animatronic outfit, we lessen control box's size and weight so that let people have easy carrying. Although the size and weight are lessened, technical content has even increased, instead of being reduced.  Dicaryon-Control, Independent CPU etc. all are applied to our motorized animatronic animal outfit.


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