Custom Design Animatronic Monster for Sale

Custom Design Animatronic Dinosaur for sale

Big monster always be shocking to the public. Dinosaur, Demon Monster and Big Figure are excellent visual joy to the public. Herein, we have not only custom design Animatronic Dinosaur, but also custom design animatronic monter for sale. Base on traditional or popular figures, we can customize and make them lifelike.

Normally, big Animatronic Dinosaur is the most popular business, but freak monster exhibits also have big market. ET, Alien, Avatar Bird......become popular. These Animatronic Monsters always be exhibited at shopping malls as promoted exhibits.

Custom Design Animatronic Monster for sale

Simple Making Points for Custom Design Animatronic Monster:

(1). Offer one clear picture of monster image (multi-angle is better)

(2). Hand over the image to our project engineers and discuss what making materials to be used

(3). After the discussion, machinist, electricians and sculptors get making work together

(4). After finish animatronic work, our electricians will make a test for them as checking


Whatever dinosaur or other monster, we insist on manufacturing high-quality animatronic dinosaur or monster base on above 4 points. 


Custom Design Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex for sale

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