Walking Dinosaur Outfit for Sale

Walking Animatronic Dinosaur Outfit

We have walking Animatronic Dinosaur Outfit for Sale. One adult man can put the walking dinosaur outfit on his body and to show in the crowded. The unexpected people will surprise and cry at the Lifelike Dinosaur. The amazing surprise is good to people.

Many buyers of walking dinosaur outfit use it to prank. They ask performer to hide in garage, subway, underpass......and frighten the passers while they walk through the places. When the passers are scared by the Lifelike Dinosaur, hidden cameras work. 


Walking Dinosaur Outfit Store in China

The video of scaring passers always be shown in Variety Show or Yotube, and gains high audience rating and clicks. Besides the places, our lifelike dinosaur could show in school playground to watch baseball game with you; hotel to check in with you; train station to travel with you...... So, the walking animatronic dinosaur outfit becomes more and more popular.

As best China Monster Factory, we make high-quality and cheap walking dinosaur outfit for sale. With the popular trend of dinosaur outfit, we can offer discount of three or more three dinosaur outfits. Just contacting us and getting the Lifelike Dinosaur!!! 

Animatronic Dinosaur Outfit

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