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We are biggest China Dinosaur Store which specializing in making Life-Size Animatronic Dinosaur. We specializing in making animatronic productions for over 10 years. Without any doubt, Dinosaur Replica is our the most popular sales because most people have huge curiousness to Prehistoric Dinosaur. So, we make the most realistic Dinosaur Replica for Sale base on people's curiousness.

Where to buy Animatronic Dinosaur with cheap cost and high-quality? That is one FAQ from aimed clients who interest in dinosaur exhibition market. The FAQ always show my writtings and I also give best answer to it. If you want to buy animatronic dinosaur with cheap cost and high-quality, choose us.(Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc.)

Where to buy Animatronic

As one professional China Dinosaur Store, we surely offer best service for our client. Before delivering our animatronic productions, we have to test its runnability is to keep good product in our clients' hands. After-Sale Service is very important, because we need build long-term business rellationship with our clients. We offer guarantee of 24 months for our animatronic productions. Within the guarantee period, we would offer free spare parts.

As one honest China Dinosaur Store, we offer dinosaur replica for sale with reasonable cost. Usually, we make animatronic dinosaur or animal according to client's customization. The Dinosaur's manufacturing cost bases on its customized function and size. Before our client buy animatronic dinosaur, we itemize specifications for it.


Delivering Animatronic Productions

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