Electric Control Animatronic Animal

Electric Control Animatronic Animal

Our Company (Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc.) specializing in Electric Control Animatronic Animal for over 10 years. In the ten years, we advance our animal handcraft's manufacturing technology that return static animal model to animatronic animal. 

Because of our high-quality and cheap animatronic animal, we not only sell well for domestic market, but also overseas market. In the past, the buyers who interest in animatronics are hard to purchase them, because the animatronic animal handcraft with high manufacturing cost as movie prop. So, buyers also want to buy them form Asian countries, but then manufacturers of animal handcraft had immature technology.     

High-Quality Animatronic Animal

In order to meet the potential animatronic market, our company invite engineers to develop Electric Control Animatronic Animal. Through 10 years' hard work and researching, we can produce 30-50 medium large animatronic animals with low cost and high-quality by each month at present. The produced ability is shocking to Western Animatronics manufacturers. High efficiency and quality lead us to occupy the world's market. 

For now, we still develop and research our animatronic animal handcraft because of drastic market competition. More high-quality and cheap animatronic animal with interactive entertainment is available for our work in future 3 years.  

Cheap Animatronic Animal

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