Animated Dinosaur Prop as Golf Playground Decoration

Animated Dinosaur Prop

Our animated dinosaur prop is available for outdoor playground because we can manufacture waterproof Animatronic Dinosaur. The outdoor dinosaur prop is attractive to the public and an amazing decoration. In order to attract more customers, the animated dinosaur prop with visual entertainment is very attractive outdoor item for playing site.

Customers in the playing site not only gain playing joy, but also interact with the animatronic dinosaur. The visual and physical enjoying let the persons go off the boring life. Because of the animated dinosaur prop, the playing site will become more famous and get more benefit. 

Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibit in the Playground

In 12th May 2013, our huge animatronic T-Rex with 30m length homed at the Melburnian Golf Playground, Australia. The crazy huge animatronic dinosaur gave unbelievable shock to the players of the GOLF. It was a wonderful experience that playing golf wiht these prehistoric giants. Except for the animatronic T-Rex, other 9 waterproof animatronic dinosaurs were scattered around the playground. The players seemingly came to one real hunt place in the prehistory.

The DINOSAUR GOLF PLAYGROUND became famous soon around the country. More amateurs of golf came to DINOSAUR GOLF PLAYGROUND for being VIP because of the unique enjoying. For more benefit, director of the GOLF would order more huge animatronic dinosaurs as decoration.

Huge Animatronic T-Rex as Decoration

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