Outdoor Dinosaur Decorations-Animatronic Dinosaurs

Moving Animatronic Dinosaurs

Moving Animatronic Dinosaurs are superexcellent outdoor dinosaur decorations. Placing these animatronic dinosaurs to outdoor to enjoy visitors. The visitors also can interact with the dinosaurs, such as taking photo, riding and touching etc. Amuement or Theme Park is the biggest market for the outdoor dinosaur decorations.

In order to attract the visitors for amusement or theme park, one dinopark project is necessary. The project doesn't have to build large-scale, and has 800-1000sqm area to be prepared for building. The mini dinopark project must be one popular site in the amsement or theme park according to our projects' experience.


Dinopark Animatronic Project

In June 2013, we sold nine animatronic dinosaurs for our American client, Chris Redfield. Nine life-size animatronic dinosaurs home at Dallas. In there, one mini dinopark with 1000m² area had been building. Basically, Infrastructures of the park was prepared well, and waiting for our lifelike creatures' coming. Without any doubt, our outdoor dinosaur decorations would be soul in the park.

In 4th June, our engineers had finished the installing work of the animatronic creatures. These animatronic creatures looked so vivid and seem to come back to real world with real body. Our client believe that the moving animatronic dinosaurs must shcok tourists.



Outdoor Dinosaur Decorations

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