Animated Animal Prop as Decoration

Animated Animal Prop for sale

Do you want to get closer to Natural Animals? I mean that you do not go to Zoo and see many rare animals. Our Animated Animal Prop can ahcieve it. Animated Animal Prop means Life Size Animatronic Animal. These vivid simulated animals with real sound and motion are available for educational prop of natural protection. Exhibiting extinct animals, giving more cherishing to present natural resources and animals.

To children, the educational animatronic animal prop is easy to make them accept the knowledge. There is no boring natural class in classroom, just touching to lifelike animal exhibit. Not only making the children interesting in animated animal prop, but also having interactive entertainment. It is an excellent educational prop, right?


Animatronic Animal Prop

Our animatronic animal prop is available for indoor and outdoor decoration. Waterproof feature makes the animated animal prop have long using time at outdoor. Surely, animal's artificial skin also has function preserve strong sunlight and snow. Such an amazing animated animal decoration.

In May 2013, Ice Age Animal Exhibition was opened, which our Venezuelan client hold the exhibition again. 29 units of vivid animatronic animal prop was still energetic. The exhibition was opened in Barcelona. It paid more attention to educate natural protection by these extinct animals and extinct reason.


Animated Animal Decoration

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