Jurassic Dinosaur Attraction made in China

Jurassic Dinosaur Attraction

Jurassic Dinosaur Attraction leading amusement park exhibit. Dinosaur Animatronic looks vivid and gives one feeling that take people back to Jurassic Period. We(Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc.) leading the industry of jurassic dinosaur attraction, and increase gradually amusement park market home and abroad.

So far, we have built partner relationship with amusement parks from USA, Bratain, Italy, Russia, Chile, Malaysia...... We obtain feedback from them, which our animatronic dinosaur attraction is the most popular compared with others. The lifelike jurassic attraction makes joy of adventure.

Jurassic Animatronic Dinosaur

Our jurassic dinosaur attraction also become hot sale to domestic amusement park market. In the same way, we have cooperated with amusement parks located at Jiangsu, Yunnan, Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Anhui...... The jurassic attraction always attract people exclaimed why dinosaur alive is. (Surely, they never think they could see moving dinosaur model)

To visitors who search more interactive entertainment, fresh and exciting animatronic dinosaur equipment is superexcellent exhibit. The equipment early rise in America, but it is barely popular to the public because of high cost. Our clever designers in Zigong China control its manufacturing cost and create one industry. Since then, the cheap animatronic dinosaur equipment becomes popular to entertainment places in the world. At present, we can manufacture abundant jurassic dinosaur attractions to supply markets increasing.

Animatronic Dinosaur Equipment

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