Interactive Jurassic Animatronic Equipment

Lifelike Dinosaur Equipment

Since 2005, we focus on researching and developing Interactive Animatronic Dinosaur Equipment. From then on, clients as park, business mall and museum etc. mainly interest in the interactive jurassic animatronic equipment. Because of the equipment, people can experience more intimately our animatronic dinosaur equipment. It not only gives visual enjoying, but also interactive joy between users and dinoaurs.

In order to pander to animatronic market in the world, more custom animatronic dinosaurs is must. The custom animatronics is available for client's requirement as custom movements, function...... Through the interactive communication between customers and us, we can get what wants of market is.

Dinosaur Ride for Entertainment

Through years' experience of sell animatronic dinsoaur, we list top five about interactive animatronci dinsoaurs as below:


(1). Animatronic Dinosaur Costume: Performer wears the walking animatronic dinsoaur for show.

(2). Animatronic Dinosaur Ride: Kids can ride our dinosaur like jurassic warrior.

(3). Fiberglass T-Rex Head: Kids can climb to dinsoaur's mouth for taking photo.

(4). Animatronic Dinosaur Egg: People cna hug, kiss the dinosaur egg for taking photo

(5). Dinosaur Mouth Entrance: People can get together ath the dinsoaur style entrance for taking photo.

If you have any suggestion for improving or adding our interactive animatronic dinsoaur equipment, welcoming to contact us any time.

Jurassic Animatronic Equipment

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