Animatronic Dinosaur as Amusement Park Attractions

Dinosaur Alive Exhibition as theme exhibit

With development of animatronic business in America, Dorney Park which is famous amusement park in the world, show our Animatronic Dinosaur on May 2013. This is another big dinosaur theme exhibition in USA 2013. Fans of dinosaur also be kind to see these vivid animatronic creatures.

Dorney Park is our old cooperated partner since 2009. In order to attract more tourists from the world, it specially open the Dinosaur Park in 2009. Then, our 29 animatronic dinosaur rental, which directed by our USA agency was exhibited there. In unexpected condition, over 500 thousands people visited the mini dinosaur theme exhibition.


Animatronic Dinosaur Prop as educational prop

With more cooperations, the mini dinopark become more and more bigger. For now, over 100 units of animatronic dinosaur exhibit show there. The Dinopark also be more famous in USA. Many events of educational summer camp also attend for getting meaningful knowledge.

Dinosaur Attractions is surely good educational prop. It make children love on natural science class because these mysterious dinosaur attractions surprise people so much. It is amazing animatronic dinosaur prop as amusement park attractions. 

Animatronic Dinosaur as park attractions

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