Jurassic Dinosaur Animatronic Exhibits as Museum Attractions

Jurassic Dinosaur Animatronic Exhibits

Jurassic Dinosaur Animatronic Exhibits are exhibited Quanzhou Natural Museum. As lifelike creatures attraction, these scary creatures bring huge shock to local people. Before our animatronic dinosaur show in the museum, one 20m long banner of advertisement has been available in Geopark of Quanzhou, where owns 2000 tourists each day. The banner is placed in entrance of the park, grand people is surprised to future Jurassic Dinosaur Exhibits.

At then time, our project staffs are manufacturing lifelike Animatronic Dinosaurs with responsibility in our factory. In the Animatronic Dinosaur Factory of 6000 sqm, 15 units of jurassic dinosaur exhibits are making. 15 dinosaurs know that they will be homed at Quanzhou Natural Museum as soon as possibile.

Jurassic Dinosaur Equipment as animatronic exhibits

"Babies" arrive at Quanzhou, on 3th April 2013. Under the sunshine, jurassic animatronic exhibits are playout in outdoor playground. In the sight of looking far, dreamy dinosaur paradise shows in real world. Human and dinosaur seemingly live together.

Client is confident to the Dinosaur Theme Exhibition. He says prehistoric creatures never been shown will shock whole Quanzhou. Kids also enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave. The fact porves his prediction. Through one week exhibition, over 500 thousands persons visit. The Jurassic dinosaur animatronic exhibits become the biggest attractions without doubt.

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