Jurassic Park Decorations-Animatronic Dinosaur

Assemble Large Animatronic Dinosaur in the park

Amazing Jurassic Park Decorations show in Malaysia! Why Jurassic park decorations is? 36 units of life size Animatronic Dinosaur as exhibits home in Taman Negara, where is national forest park. The Jurassic Theme Exhibition has projected for closely 16 months. In order to achieve jurassic theme exhibition, operating 25 projects in the 16 months. Our animatronic dinosaurs is honored to be main character without doubt to the theme exhibition. 

The largest animatronic dinosaur in the order is Tyrannosaurus Rex and Diplodocus, which is the most famous dinosaur as known as the public. They are respectively 20m long. Two huge creatures tower in the jungle, and make people shocked.

Grand jurassic theme exhibition in Malaysia

The jurassic theme exhibition opens in 3th April 2013. Then, over 30 thousands visitors have been there for interacting animatronic dinosaur. The event encourages local travel business. The park director says that profit of one week is over 3 months. That is to say, the life size animatronic dinosaur really stimulate people's curiosity. Cost for vivid dinosaur is better than bald forest and rock.

First phase dinosaur project is 36 units. Second phase is still been planing. At 126 units of life size animatronic dinosaur will be homed in the park. The park also be largest dinopark in Malaysia.

Jurassic Park Decorations

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