Animatronic Decorations for Rainforest Cafe

Animatronic Animal Decorations for jungle cafe

Our Animatronic Animal Exhibits was transported to Jingzhou China in March 2013. There, famous chain store Rainforest Cafe from Hong Kong would be opened on 8th March. Then, our lifelike animatronic animals also will be absolutely main character. They would bring dreamy jungle feeling to customers. So, the exhibits definitely is best animatronic decorations for Rainforest Cafe.

There were 11 units of jungle animatronic animal show in the cafe. While people entered into the cafe, lifelike animatronic decorations would work as entertainment event. There, let customers tentatively forgot living baldness, and enjoy beautiful nature. Excellent Rainforest Cafe Decorations!!!!

Animatronic Snake as jungle cafe decorations

In order advertise the cafe, director of the cafe specially conduct JUNGLE ANIMAL TOP TEN, that choose animal the most popular. Just customer vote when having meal. Without any doubt, Animatronic African Elephant top the list. Their docile and clever is kind to the people.

Through good business, the director wanted to customize Elephant Head Door as entrance in order to attract more people. The plan have done on 6th April 2013. We were burden the manufacturing duty and finish it perfectly. So, choosing us, you would have best animatronic animal exhibits as rainforest cafe decorations.

Animatronic Prop as raniforest cafe decorations

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