One Successful Dinosaur Alive Exhibition-Animatronic Exhibits

How to Maintain Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits

With hot trend of Dinosaur Alive Exhibition to the countries, more and more exhibiting businessman want to organize the exhibition for creating business opportunities. More understanding to our Animatronic Dinosaur exhibits become more and more important. They need professional details that how to maintain animatronics, manager exhibition's events etc.

Today, let us to share how we hold one successful dinosaur alive exhibition:

(1). Need one exhibiting area (2000-5000 sqm is best). Big or small scale dinosaur exhibition is decided according to your exhibiting area and animatronic dinoaur quantity.


(2). Prepare carrying tool well as forklift and crane etc. Our big size animatronic dinosaur exhibits is heavy (over 500kg). So do it, easy to carry these dinosaurs and accessories.

Dinosaur Alive Exhibition in Dominica

(3). Before operating Dinosaur Exhibition, carefully learning our manual which including our maintainance knowledge, simple fixing and installation details etc. It makes you know our animatronic's various details.


(4). Pay attention to exhibiting site's electric condition and facilities of fireproof. Our animatronic dinosaur is made of stee, sponge and silicone, and noticed fireproof.


(5). Arranging reasonable running time (5-8 hours is best in one day). That keep our animatronic dinosaur well.

Dinosaur Alive Show in USA

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