Halloween Animatronic Prop as Promotion

Halloween Animatronic Prop Exhibition

We can customize Halloween Animatronic Prop such as dinosaur, zombie and other devils etc. These animatronic props is available for indoor and outdoor is to frighten visitors. Since Animatronic Dinosaur is sold to Luxembourg, 2008 Halloween Exhbiits, other animatronic exhibits as zombie, skeleton and devil etc. also be promoted there. Our client in Luxembourg have built long term business relation with us about animatronic exhibits.

Our custom animatronic dinosaurs have exhibited railway station, business plaza and football field etc. The deeds surprise the then people and got high clicks on the Internet.

Custom Animatronic Exhibits for Cinema

Our client in Luxembourg specializing in looking for New Attraction Exhibition. They help business mall to make promoted plan and administer project. Rising attractions such as animatronic dinoaur, amusement ride and remote control robots is their purchasing aim. Through searching in Internet, we start animatronic dinosaur business in 2008. Through years' cooperation, the client totally confirm our product's quality and working way. For now, we even do not sign contract, and finalize orders. After he finalize order of animatronic exhibits, he just only wait for ship which loaded full cargo, that is our animatronic dinosaurs or other exhibits.

Animatronic Exhibits for Halloween Promotion

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