Custom Animatronic Robot as Festival Exhibits

Lifelike Animatronic Giraffe in the outdoor playground

In 2013, what the festival exhibits best is? Without doubt, Our Custom Animatronic Robot is best answer. These custom Animatronic Animal as bear, giraffe, parrot and dinosaur etc. is joyful to people who go out for fun. These custom animatronic robots make them closer to real natural living.

In the animatronic robots, our animatronic dinosaur is the most popular to the market, including dinopark, museum and holiday resort etc. But, our custom animatronic animal also be hot to exhibiting places. We focus on the animatronic market, and adjust best sales policy, that make us leading the animatronic market in China.

Life Size Animatronic Parrot

In the Changlong Happy Valley, these is a custom Animatronic Giraffe with 4m high. The animatronic giraffe gains much favor from the tourists because of its lifelike attraction. When visitors want to fondle it, the giraffe will make cute and kind response to the visitors. That makes people go to amusement park like going to Zoo.

In addition, other animatronic animals such as bear and parrot is decorated in the supermarket of the amusement park. While people go through entrance of the market, these animatronic animals are operated. The interesting attractions (Lifelike animatronic animal) will be order more to the park in the future.

Custom Animatronic Bear

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