Real Size Animatronic Dinosaur Shows in Dinopark and Jurassic Museum

Life Size Robotic Dinosaur in Dinopark

Real size Animatronic Dinosaur with fined handcraft shows in Czechic Dinopark. Czechic dinopark is our long term cooperation partner about animatronic dinosaur business for 4 years. We still remember that over 21 large size jurassic dinosaur model are sold to the park. These amazing attractive items create well effect and achievement between tourists and park.

On June, we again sold one 10m long animatronic allosaurus, two mini animatronic Leaellynasaura and two fiberglass pachycephalosaur to the park. They function well as animatronic exhibits.

Life Size Fiberglass Dinosaur Replica in Dinopark

10m long Animatronic Allosaurus is made good layout  inside bosk. With automatic mode of operation, the big animatronic dinosaur also make much entertainment to visitors. While one mother with her baby walks around the dino, her baby was frightened to cry by moving dinosaur. That is amazing attraction.

Leaellynasaura models are exhibited at indoor museum of the dinopark. To us, mini dino means high technology, that tests our mechanical and electric engineers' skill. But, our engineers with much experience finish two museum quality animatronic dinosaurs easily. Through years' cooperation, Czechic client totally order jurassic museum dinosaur model.

In addition, Pachycephalosaur are made of fiberglass. Client need static fiberglass dinosaur replica for decorating outdoor playground at fifth district of the park.


Museum Quality Animatronic Dinosaur in Indoor

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