Jurassic Robotic Dinosaur Model Show 2013

Huge Robotic Dinosaur Model

On 20th March 2013, our 12m long Robotic Dinosaur (Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex) show in Selfridges, which is famous business mall in France. In order to promote business from April to July, our French client specially bought one 12m long Animatronic Dinosaur with lifelike 7 movements (mouth, eyes, claws etc.) and roaring sound.

Before the show of our animatronioc monster, our client promoted advertisement that Walking with mysterious creature, you will enjoy more beautiful items. At that time, client arranged mall's staffs to set one mysterious jungle scene. The act that successfully attracted people's attention.

Huge robotic dinosaur show began, and customers of the mall almost were shocked by the prehistoric animatronic monster. Our client had to say that it is a successful event because the tyrannosaurus rex attracted customers.   

Life Size Animatronic Monster

Our project staffs still remember that they assemble the animatronic dinosaur model at night 9:30. Then, business mall had closed, and was suitable for work of installation. Tigo who was director of scheme of the mall, said "So sorry that let you work at night, because our mall is out of business right now. After we finish the installation, will invite guys to take great meal."

So hospitable client! In fact, our service after sale just includes installation. It is duty that works our animatronic dinosaur's installation depends on client's schedule. As professional and excellent animatronic dinosaur manufacturer, we offer best quality service.

Jurassic Robotic Animatronic Dinosaur Model

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